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Everything feels reassuringly familiar. It’s a warm summers day, possibly one of the hottest of the summer. The cool air of the cellar is a welcome relief. My eyes struggle to adjust to the low light down there. I have a small frog for company, sheltering from the heat in the semi darkness.

It’s a familiar routine. Large headphones on, fan blowing cool air over me, tall stool to rest my hand on for balance. I clip in, only now realising that, with the stool on my left, I will need to push off with my injured side. It’s a familiar routine, yet subtly different due to my injuries.

I push off, legs feeling the rhythm they are used to. I concentrate, my feet turning smooth circles. Slowly I lift my hand from the stool. Slowly move my hand across to rest loosely on the bars. This feels strange. I need to concentrate extra hard, willing the rest of my body to make up for the lack of strength in my left side.

My legs have a memory of cadence. My core has a memory of balance. The speed rises and my lungs even have a memory of breathing.

Sweat runs freely from me as I shed the limitations of my injuries.

Recovery is no longer just a hopeful idea, it really is possible!

Small changes

Blog post

I’m told recovery will be slow. Adjusting to how slow that will be has been a struggle. Apparently nerves regrow at a rate of about an inch a month.Being 6’2″ and being unable to use my left leg properly, this isn’t much comfort. There’s nothing I can do to speed this up. I’m not used to being so unable to affect my own future.

I am seeing small changes though!

Riding rollers was initially a clunky, scary experience. It felt like I had one good leg and one donkey trotter. I’d stab at the pedals, just hoping for the best. Things are much smoother now. I’ve learnt to roll! Riding an 88″ fixed gear, means I’m developing some strength and the ability to roll the pedals round. I can comfortably balance at 75 rpm doing 16 or 17 mph. I’m also able to spin quite happily at 90 rpm and 20 mph. Sprinting up to 130 rpm and 25 mph is also good fun, although still a bit choppy!

I can happily shift around on the bike, taking a hand off the bars to adjust my headphones or wipe the sweat away. My only reminder is the return of shrek leg after about half an hour. (Having limited muscle function on the left side just means that what I’m using gets tired so much quicker.) Still at least I’m pedalling circles now rather than throwing squares.


New Year – New Legs!

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The joy of Strava. Last year at 8:30 on New Year’s Day I did an hour on the turbo. (No doubt that wasn’t too much of a stretch at that time.) This year managing a whole half hour on the rollers was a real milestone. (My longest ride yet.) Riding sort of one legged still feels pretty choppy, especially towards the end. Pedalling gets more and more difficult as I feel more and more like I’m riding with a donkey’s trotter. Seeing 27mph was fun though. Kind of like one legged ice skating, just trying to keep it really smooth!




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