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Where do I start? Definitely an interesting year! Plenty of highlights and so much to be thankful for. Definitely not what I expected at the beginning of 2019.

The numbers don’t look too bad. There’s a fair bit of riding, although the numbers hide a whole host of stories. A series of highlights that I can probably spend the next few weeks unpacking in more detail.

What the numbers don’t show is the 4 months I had totally off a bike following a major crash and the following 4 months of gradual recovery, bringing me back to a point where I can just about begin to dream a little and make some tentative plans for 2020.

The Best Bits:

  1. Returning to being able to ride again, even if I’m still getting fully strong.
  2. Winter Solstice ride. I may only have floated round, but felt good all day.
  3. The John ride. First decent length ride. 100km just 4 weeks back into riding. Really enjoyed it and was great getting John round. Showed that hard work and planning can get you there. (For both of us.)
  4. Track, from lapping the field at Derby to holding the wheel at Manchester. It’s just great to be back to it being a part of it.
  5. Commuting every day. It’s added a new rhythm to my work life and a strength and resilience to my riding. Despite some of the worst winter weather – it’s been great!
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The Crash

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