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This was a familiar route. One I’ve done as an Audax event during the early summer, when shorts and warm sunshine were the order of the day. I’ve also done it a couple of times as the start and end of a hilly 200km ride into Cheshire.

Today was a very different ride. A recent back injury meant that this would be significantly further and more climbing than I’d done for probably a couple of months. This meant I took it very conservatively! I geared down and just rolled along very easily.

The sky remained grey throughout. Alternating between cold, freezing fog and eventually dark. The temperature topped out at 1degree above freezing, sinking well below at times. Wrapped up like the Michelin Man, I made slow but steady progress. Never really putting myself out and just steadily getting round.

My reward, growing confidence. I can now move on. Enter some of the longer Audax events that I was unsure of. Begin to rebuild some of the endurance and get on with some intensity on the Turbo. The season looks like it might be on!

Here is the route. Definitely one to do again with more confidence and fresher legs.

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