Good enough


2016-01-01 09.05.12

We often agonise about whether we’re good enough.Good enough to ride with that group? Good enough to not get dropped? Good enough to ride that event? Good enough…

This week I’ve found that I’m not yet good enough to ride. The strength in my left leg just isn’t good enough yet to ride the track or even set off unaided on the road.

I have however found that I’m good enough to:

  • Ride the rollers. This is a new skill for me. I’m now at the autopilot stage where I don’t even have to think about it and can concentrate on other things.
  • Begin thinking about what next. The road is a distinct possibility over the next few weeks!
  • Enjoy the nod and knowing look of the velodrome coach. As if to say I know you – you’re alright – get up on the boards and get on with it.

We’re all good enough in many ways already. It would be nice if self doubt was the only thing holding my recovery back, but as time goes on, I’m getting there. In what ways are you good enough already?

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